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Introducing the Magnificent Ethiopia

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is the official name of the country many refer to as simply Ethiopia. It is among the countries lying in the horn of Africa, and it is the world’s leading densely populated landlocked country. Ethiopia borders Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti and Eritrea. It is the second populous country in Africa. Interesting facts about Ethiopia you did not know:

  • Ethiopia remains the only country in Africa with its own alphabet
  • It is the world’s sole country with 13 months of the year
  • Time is counted on the clock’s opposite such that 6 o’clock in Ethiopia is 12 o’clock
  •  After Russia, it remains the second country never to be occupied. It defeated Italians twice!
  • It ranks third in the world with regard to nut production
  • Ethiopia takes position three after China and Turkey in regard to beehives, boasting of an excess of 4,300,000 beehives. What about getting around the country?

Transport anc Car hire in Ethiopia

Transport in Ethiopia is one thing that should not worry you any bit. The country boasts of many minibuses, taxis, buses, trains and car rental companies where you can rent a car and tour the country in style. Whether you will be staying in the capital Addis Ababa or you are going to stay in other cities, it is important you rent a car and enjoy your tours to the fullest. Understand that hiring taxis is expensive, particularly if you would like to tour plenty of destinations. Buses on the other side stick to the main roads, and might not be perfect if you would like to tour inland Ethiopia. Can I speak English in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a unique country, considering it has its own unique alphabet. The official language of the country is Amharic. However, English is widely spoken. There is a wide range of other languages that include Arabic, Tigrinya, Oromifa, Guaragigna and Somali. What About Accommodation?

There are plenty of accommodation facilities in the country to suit your tastes, along with your budget. Each city in the country has plenty of hotels you can choose from. Some of the hotels in the capital include;

  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Addis Ababa Hilton Hotel
  • Ghion Hotel
  • Queens Hotel and Restaurant
  • Jupiter International Hotel

Is there anything I can see in Ethiopia as a Tourist?

The capital city of Addis Ababa, which translates to new flower, is a pleasant city boasting of a wide range of museums, jacaranda trees and open air markets. There are other mind blowing destinations like Bahir Dar town that sits on the shores of the picturesque Lake Tana. Rent a car and head to this town if you would like to enjoy some of the boat rides to the many peninsulas and islands. There are other things to see, like churches and old monasteries. You find the breathtaking Blue Nile Falls outside the city of Bahir Dar that reach an extent of 147 feet depending on the time of the year. It would be wise to rent a car and head for Simien Mountains too. These are home to one of the largest ranges in Africa, and a network of trekking trails.

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